We facilitate feedback on your software services from prospective buyers


Our Experience

As SaaS veterans for about as long as SaaS has existed, we have learned a thing or two. 

One of the biggest lessons? The most effective means of driving product direction and sales is getting feedback from actual buyers. 

The problem? It can be time-consuming, difficult, and costly.

Our Method

We coordinate sales calls and demos of your product with qualified prospective buyers who are members of our advisory group. 

After finalizing their time with you, advisors provide thorough feedback on the product, pricing, people, and the process itself. 

They also indicate if they are interested in becoming a customer.

Focus groups for software products.

Why Us

Our network of several hundred SaaS advisors are actual buyers with buying authority. 

They have purchased products like yours before and are likely interested in purchasing products like yours in the future. 

Feedback is thorough and actionable. 

And you may just pick up some new customers in the process.


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